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Chiropractic Care for Sprained Ankles Prevents Future Sprains and Other Injuries

In America, there are an estimated 2 million sprained ankles every year. Treatment can be expensive – $318 to $914 per sprain – and the sprains can involve considerable pain, weeks of recovery, and lost work wages. However, with Chiropractic, sprained ankles for some people may become a thing of the past.

Ankle sprains are so common, some researchers have said it’s difficult to find someone who hasn’t suffered at least one. But truth be known, the situation is even worse than it seems –many of the sprained ankles are happening to the same people over and over again. In fact, the most common predisposition for suffering a sprained ankle is…an earlier sprained ankle!

The most likely reason that most sprained ankles aren’t first-time affairs is because standard medical treatment tends to ignore some important factors involved in the injury. The patients are given painkillers as needed, and told to apply ice, and rest until they are better. Sometimes they’re also on crutches, in a brace or wearing compression hose.

But unless something is broken, nothing is done to see what effect the sprain had on the bones in the foot and ankle. This is where a chiropractor comes in, and must if you want to fully heal the foot and ankle and prevent future damage.

Spraining an ankle also often displaces the bones in ankle and foot. This damage not only extends recovery times, but also weakens the area, which predisposes it to further injury.

To ensure a sprained ankle fully recovers, and to reduce the chance of further injury, a chiropractor should be consulted. They can do a complete analysis of the foot and ankle and fix any damage done in the sprain. The analysis would also find any chronic conditions that could be weakening the area and address those as well.

Not only should anyone with a sprained ankle consult their chiropractor, anyone who has sprained an ankle in the past should do the same. Dr. Shapero has been working with these types of injuries for about 25 years.

It is highly likely that any bones that went out of place with a past sprain are still out of place, which means the area is still weak and could cause problems in the future.

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Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero


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