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BPA – Where Is It? What are the Health Effects?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in a long list of products we use every day. Some experts say it is ubiquitous. The list of health issues it can cause is also long. However, if we know where it is, we can find alternative products that are safe.
Where is BPA? Baby bottles, car parts, CDs and DVDs, dental fillings and sealants, epoxy resins, hard plastics, household appliances and storage containers, in the inside coatings on cans of food and drinks, lenses of eye glasses, sports equipment and water bottles. It is even used to coat thermal receipts from supermarkets, banks, and so on. And the list goes on.
What health problems have been linked to BPA?
• Asthma Brain function, memory and learning
• Depression
• Breast cancer
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Liver enzyme abnormalities
• Male impotence, erectile dysfunction, changes in sex hormones, and other male sexual problems
• Reproductive disorders
• and more
How can you avoid BPA? Because more and more people are becoming aware of BPA, many companies are now advertising that their products are BPA free, or not. For example, a lot of sports bottles, water cooler jugs and baby bottles are marked with the number 7 inside a triangle. Although the 7 doesn’t always indicate the presence of BPA, if there is BPA in the product, it can be a real problem. Scientists found that when boiling water is poured into one of these bottles, BPA enters into the water 55 times faster than when they used water at room temperature.
Unfortunately, not all #7 containers are made with BPA so, in fact, there is no way to know for sure – unless the product label says it is BPA free – other than contacting the manufacturer.
The Internet is full of information on BPA. With a little research you’ll be able to avoid it, and enjoy better health as a result!
Also, we have excellent cleanses that can certainly help if your exposure is causing problems. Also, keep in mind these symptoms can also be caused by irritation on the nerve system from a vertebral misalignment.
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To Your Health, Dr. Shapero


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