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What’s Your Diagnosis – – – – – – – Oh really. . . !!!


Tell me that again?

A patient came into my office who had been in an altercation with another and was bitten on the arm.  To my surprise there was a code for that diagnosis.  Y041XXA Bite by a human.  Then as I looked further I was surprised at the codes I found and wondered to myself, how often does that really happen.  So, I thought I would share a few with you.

The coding system devised which allows doctors to communicate patient ailments, diagnosis, to other doctors, insurance companies and other third parties, including statisticians is known as the International Classification of Diseases or ICD system. Believe it or not, the ICD-9 diagnosis coding system originated in 17th century England. Statistical data was gathered through a system known as the London Bills of Mortality, and arranged into numerical codes. These codes were used to measure the most frequent causes of death.

Fast-forward a few hundred years…

By 1937, this statistical analysis of the causes of death was organized into the International List of Causes of Death. Over the years, the World Health Organization (WHO) used this list more and more to assist in tracking mortality rates and international health trends.  The list was later developed into the International Classification of Diseases, which went through its ninth revision in the late 1970’s.  The system was again revised in 1994 to the ICD-10 system but it has taken awhile to get the world to convert over to this completely revamped system.

As the United States recently implemented the conversion I have been somewhat amused by some of the diagnosis I have stumbled upon. . .

Imagine you were minding your own business and enjoying the stars as you were flying through space or perhaps orbiting around the earth when “Kabang” another star gazer runs into you! There is a code for that V9543XD Spacecraft collusion injuring occupant.  Not exactly sure how often that is occurring but were prepared.

When was the last time you were walking down the street and “ZAP” someone was struck by lightning.  I scratch my head when patients come into the office who were struck by lightning puzzled as to what the diagnosis should be and how to communicate it.  Luckily now we have a code for it.    T7501XD Shock due to being struck by lightning.  Surprisingly over 400 people annually are struck by lightning resulting in about 55 deaths.

You have no idea how many patients I have had come into the office complaining of headaches.  The cause, struck by a turtle, W5922XD.  Ms. Fiddle went to the opera and while there was injured.  There is a code for that, Y92253D, external cause of injury opera house.

How many times have you been out with a friend or loved one and you are walking along engaged in conversation and “SMACK” you run right into a lamppost.  Yes, of course we have a code for that, W2202XD, walked into lamppost.

If you are in the health care field and are going crazy with all these codes, there is no need to panic, but if you do, we have a code for that too, F411XXD.

If you have a health problem and are looking for a non-drug non-surgical solution, it’s likely we have just what you are looking for and remember to also add some laughter into your day for better health, every day.  I recommend Once Upon Your Prime for another good dose of humor. 

Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero




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