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Patient’s Speak Out – – Three Cheers for POOP!!!

Days spent in the hospital probed and prodded looking for answers. Several weeks had gone by with intermittent vomiting due to days of no bowl movement. Several medications were used to stop the vomiting but the condition seemed to persist. This was very disturbing to the family and quite disruptive to this cute little five year olds days of just being a kid. Such an early age to be robbed of childhood play. This is what was happening when this little girl came into our office. Now it has been several weeks and she has regular bowl habits. She can eat normally. Life seems to be progressing in a much more normal fashion. So when this high energy little girl threw her arms around me and said “Thanks Doc” “I poop every day now” I knew it was time for a loud cheer.
Thanks to Dr. Shapero our little girl is back to normal B.K.
Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero


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