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Keep Pushing Forward

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” Proverb
When you feel like quitting, you’re actually closer than ever to getting through the barriers. Keep going, keep moving, keep working and finish the task.
When it seems that you’ve run out of ideas, you’re actually opening yourself to new, more workable, more powerful ideas. Keep going, move on past the discouragement, and let those new ideas flow. You do not have to sacrifice your dreams there is always a way.

Sure, you can think of plenty of reasons to stop short of the goal. You can even lower your expectations. Yet there are even better reasons to push yourself forward so the goal is reached.
When you feel overwhelmed it seems easier to throw away your goals and keep busy with the ones that are less stressful. Fill your time and avoid the ones that fill your heart.
If the work or situation has been difficult and challenging, or if your world has been turned upside down that’s certainly no reason to stop. In fact, that means you’ve got a whole lot invested in what you’re doing, so keep going and reap the rewards of that investment.

You already made the choice to get started, so choose right now to reaffirm your commitment. Keep up the good and valuable progress, and get the results you desire. You know deep in your heart what’s right. Face your dreams and live.
This is a great day to make real progress, so make the most of it. Keep going, keep pushing forward, and keep creating real, meaningful value in your world.
To Your Success, Dr. Shapero


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