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“Now is the Time” to enact the ‘Opioid Reduction Act’ Here


Most of us realize that the US has been suffering from a serious health issue stemming from the over-prescription of opioids. Now, in a moment of clarity and common sense, the state of West Virginia, which had the dubious distinction of featuring the highest prescription opioid fatality rate in the country in 2016, has enacted legislation intended to rectify this horrendous situation.

I received this story from Dr. Dennis Perman of the Masters Circle in New York, who recently shared with me about the passage of the Opioid Reduction Act, signed into law by WV Governor Jim Justice. It changes the regulations for chronic pain clinics and treatment programs to be less hazardous for patients and to expect more responsibility in doctors’ decision-making.


The ORA grants patients the right to request in advance to avoid opioids and requires the prescribing doctor to inform the patient of the amount of medication being recommended, as well as the option for the patient to choose a lesser quantity if desired. It insists that the doctor advise the patient of the possible consequences, putting much more control back into the hands of health care consumers.

It limits the emergency room use of narcotics to four days’ worth for adults and three days’ worth for minors, demanding that parents must be informed when ER docs give these powerful drugs to their children. And, under no circumstances are attending physicians permitted to suggest more than seven days of opioid use, a radical departure from previous dosage guidelines.

There is clearly a right time to use heavy medications, as anyone with intractable, excruciating pain will confirm. But this is the bed that the medical practitioners made for themselves, flogging these risky substances and generating epidemic dependence in too many people who did not necessarily need such extreme intervention — and now the pendulum is swinging the other way.

Some prescribers who are committed to opioids will rebel and search for loopholes, but this course correction will save lives, prevent unnecessary addiction, and redirect patients into exploring non-opioid methods of securing relief, not the least of which is chiropractic care, along with herbal pain relievers and CBD.

Unfortunately, for many opioids has become a convenient default, and their alternatives are few – for years in my office, as with many offices and clinics across the country, I have provided a better way for many or even most of these patients with our safe, all-natural approach.

I understand and at times have recommended that some people will still need to take heavy meds, but what if half or two thirds of them were able to step back from dangerous drugs and instead discover the miraculous healing and wellness benefits chiropractic is famous for?

If you are reading this article I encourage you to talk to your medical doctor or show him or her this blog and ask this person to read a synopsis of this West Virginia breakthrough law, and also the Medicare study done by Christine Goertz from Palmer and William Weeks from Dartmouth showing that towns with easier access to chiropractic care experience less opioid abuse.

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Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero


Canada To Disclose Off-Label Drug Violations

Drug pills exploding from their bottles,
I received this story from a colleague, detailing the travesty of Canadian MDs recommending drugs “off-label” and the horrendous side effects that may occur as a result.
Prescribing drugs “off-label” means using them for purposes not thoroughly researched and approved, a latitude that many doctors exercise based on their personal opinion, though the medicines have not been demonstrated to be safe and effective by accepted scientific study.

For the first time, data on the serious consequences of this dangerous practice will be disclosed, a departure from the original policy to release the report without this information, according to Canada’s Health Minister Rona Ambrose. She says that over a hundred drugs are being scrutinized for inappropriate prescription, some not yet identified because they are in varying stages of investigation.

This exposé, conducted by “The Star,” found that federal regulators were concealing critical details from public awareness, and pressed Health Canada to reveal the relevant findings. Their analysis uncovered almost 400 patients that suffered severe reactions to such medications, including deaths, heart attacks, strokes, birth defects, organ failures and “spontaneous” abortions.
To get the input they needed, reporters sought the cooperation of America’s Food and Drug Administration, which collects public side-effect data reports from Canada and around the world. What they discovered was so compelling that Health Canada had no choice but to come clean.

Dr. Joel Lexchin of York University, a leading authority on drug safety in Canada, is advocating that such decision-making and policy-setting should be in the hands of a public agency, not private special-interest corporations with a potentially self-serving agenda.

Until then, it’s likely that many Canadian doctors, like their US counterparts, will continue to prescribe powerful drugs to unsuspecting patients, often without clearance to do so and sometimes ignoring warnings that this kind of application could cause significant harm, as illustrated by the following:

One 85-year-old man was given the anti-psychotic Seroquel to treat insomnia, and died of a heart attack, apparently linked to the drug. Diane-35, a controversial acne medication that has already been banned in France, seems to have increased the risk of potentially fatal blood-clotting in at least thirteen Canadian teen-agers. Also, twenty babies were born with birth defects allegedly because mothers were given anti-nausea medicine Ondansetron for morning sickness.

Those who know me and for those who read this column knows that I support good medicine, but am vigilantly opposed to bad medicine. Thanks to The Star and the thoroughness of the FDA’s record-keeping to shine light on these nightmarish transgressions – let’s hope it ushers in an era of openness and common sense that safeguards the health future of all, encouraging people to seek natural alternatives where possible instead of unpredictable and unnecessary chemical toxins, especially off-label. No matter how good the intention, poisoning people is wrong, and it must stop.
Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero

DEA Launches Investigation Over Missing Rx Pills at Calif. CVS Stores

Federal officials are investigating the disappearance of about 37,000 hydrocodone tablets from four CVS locations in Dixon, Fairfield, Modesto and Turlock. CVS faces more than 2,900 potential violations of the law and a fine of up to $29 million. Capital Public Radio’s “KXJZ News” et al.
Click Here to go to Full Story…
With the rise of prescription drug use in our own back yard this article was a bit unsettling. Something to think about. Also, if you are someone you know needs help we have variety of resources to get them the assistance they need.

Many people have out of date prescriptions or excess medications laying around the home. These are not safe if gotten into the wrong hands. I can help. We collect any and all medications in our community and with the assistance of the local law enforcement have it properly disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.
Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero

See How Big Government and Big Pharma Conspire to Force Medicines on You!

What are medical doctors saying about Obama Care?
Big Pharma’s Far-Reaching Power
Here is what Dr. Blaylock, M.D. has to say about it. I’ve never been more concerned about Big Pharma’s near total control of medical information in this country, as well as our government’s “bought-and-paid-for” role in pushing its agenda.
I’m especially worried that, as we move toward universal healthcare — a euphemism for socialized medicine — we’ll ultimately see government bureaucrats controlling medications for the entire population.
Today, they’re pushing risky vaccinations that do more for Big Pharma’s bottom line than for the health of the American people . . .
But there’s also talk of putting everybody on a “polypill” that combines aspirin, blood pressure medicine, and cholesterol-lowering medication.
I’m not kidding! This crazy idea comes from the United Kingdom and — and it has been proposed here to control healthcare costs. It’s bad enough that . . .
Big Pharma wants everybody on cholesterol-lowering drugs, including children . . .
Cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease. And taking cholesterol-lowering drugs will not prevent heart attacks or heart disease but will do bodily harm. See my report, “Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous” by going here.
I want you to be aware of Big Pharma’s hidden agenda, and how companies get our government and media to promote their drugs, even when those drugs are harmful or ineffective.
Why Three Flu Shots This Fall?
You’ve seen the media blitz: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you’ll need two swine flu shots, as well as the regular seasonal flu shot.
Yes! Incredibly, it’s urging three flu shots this fall! But why? Let’s follow the money to find the answer . . .
When the swine flu story first broke, experts warned that it could be the worst flu since the 1918 pandemic that killed more than 50 million people worldwide, including 700,000 Americans.
But who were these experts?
People on the pharmaceutical and government payroll, that’s who. They said it was the most unusual virus they had ever seen . . . that it could kill in large numbers . . .
Overnight, a compliant media spread this alarming news was spread far and wide.
Parents were scared out of their wits. Schools were closed. Millions with flu symptoms flocked to doctors and hospitals!
And what happened? Across the globe, 429 people died. Yes, that’s unfortunate, but compared with the 36,000 people that die each year from regular flu it wasn’t a serious threat.
Swine Flu Found to be Weak Virus
The Chicken Little doomsayers (read “drug company executives”) were disappointed in these statistics. But now they’re back scaring the public again, saying the “big event” is coming this winter!
And surprise of all surprises, drugmaker Novartis has a swine flu vaccine all ready to go. And the company says it won’t give the vaccine away to the poor. Everybody must pay!
Imagine if it could sell 2 billion doses worldwide and get $5 a piece for them. That’s $10 billion.
Neat trick. But to succeed, it will need governments around the world insisting that their citizens get vaccinated while using taxpayer money to buy the vaccine for the poor.
Washington is on board. Can you guess why?
Big Pharma is the biggest contributor to Washington politicians — both Democrats and Republicans. President Obama himself collected $1.2 million during his presidential campaign.
For more information on this and other important health topics watch for my updates. If you have a specific health concern please feel free to send me the question directly.
To Your Health, Dr. Shapero

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