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Dad – Happy Father’s Day 2014

You may not be one and that’s okay but everyone has one.

Happy Father’s Day for all those Dads out there.

Dear Dad, often and certainly on THIS day thoughts of you are in my head,
Over the years the many sayings, and pearls in me you did imbed.
As I travel my path, I ponder points along the way,
Wondering, if I could hear your voice what would you say?

Pictures are good and I’m thankful for memories which do not fade,
For the talks we’ve had, your guidance, and lessons made.
Thanks for pieces of your legacy in my own life I do braid.

Life has its challenges and certainly can put you to the test,
In good times and bad, having you for a father I was blessed.
So many can stand and say “My Dad’s the BEST”.
But truly if I could choose all over, I would choose you above the rest.

Happy Father’s Day Dad

May all the Dad’s out there have an enjoyable day. For all the hard work and things done that go seemingly unnoticed hats off to YOU today.

Happy Father’s Day,
Dr. Bradley Shapero


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