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Patient’s Speak Out – – Plantar Fasciitis


For weeks I was hobbling around with excruciating pain in the arch of my foot. It seemed to come on fairly quick and I stretched, I used over the counter pain medications, heat and ice, none of which seemed to help. I went to more than four different doctors including a foot specialist and even resorted to having injections to reduce the pain. Nothing gave me much relief and the relief I did get did not last long. The pain continued to wear on me. I have a pretty busy lifestyle and to be in pain and have difficulty getting around was quite an interference to my routine. I was seeing Dr. Shapero for wrist and neck pain and mentioned it when I went in for a visit. I am so thankful I did. After the first treatment most of the pain was gone. It took about three visits or so and I have been pain free for months now. Thanks to Dr. Shapero I am back to normal. L. G.
Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero


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