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Patient’s Speak Out – – My Life Is So Much Better, Wow

Aching back, headaches, digestive problems and not sleeping were the worst of it. Believe me the list goes on. I just did not feel good most of the time. I felt as if life was taking its toll and I was so discouraged. I used to be so active and now it was a chore just to to keep up with the basic day to day activities. That is how it was before I started seeing you Dr. Shapero. I feel as though I now have a new life. I sleep soundly and wake up with joyous energy. Oh, now and again I push it too much or get overloaded with stress and end up with a back ache or headache. But, now I know in usually one visit I am good as new. I am so thankful. I am now walking and exercising regularly. You have without a doubt saved my life. I can now enjoy the people around me and I have a whole new look about life. It puzzles me why so many people suffer needlessly, why would they just get your help. I still have some work to do but I feel so good now, Thanks, Dr. Shapero. Linda B.
Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero


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