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Patient’s Speak Out – – Neck Pain, Knee Pain and more

In walks a patient I had not seen in months. She had been suffering from neck pain, knee pain and lower back pain with a combination of aches that would come and go. She had attempted several things, but nothing seemed to help. Her experience in my office over a year ago had been great. She remarked how much better she had felt before and was just distracted by life and had not made time for herself. Little by little the pain crept in. After Marjorie’s adjustment in our office she sprung up off the table. “This is a miracle, I feel so much better.” She went on to say that she had not been sleeping well, her digestion had been periodically achy, and she was feeling very low on energy. She went on to say that she has no idea why she waited so long. Smiling and thankful she added “YOU Dr. Shapero have changed my life. Thank YOU.” Wow, what a great day for both of us. Thanks for sharing your story Marjorie M.
Yours for Better Health, Dr. Shapero


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