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Fast Pain Relief Without the Side Effects



When it comes to pain the last thing you want to do is cover it up and ignore it.  I often use the analogy of a warning light on the dash board of a car.  However, pain can sure cut into your production and your enjoyment.  Once the underlying problem is identified many of my patients, understandably say, I want pain relief NOW!  We do have solutions for quick pain relief which I will share with you in this article.

It is not news that pain killers kill more than pain.  Even periodic use of over the counter pain medication causes liver, kidney and intestinal damage.  Many times worse than the painful problem they were taken to relieve.

Before covering up pain the problem should be accurately identified so that the proper remedy can be applied.  Once this is done the typical first aid for an area of pain is usually ice.  Quite often this is overlooked.  It’s simple, it’s readily available and easy to use.  However, once this has been tried you may need something much more to relieve the pain.

Keep in mind as we interrupt the pain cycle, which is part of the inflammatory response of the body, we do not want to interfere with healing process which is what medications have shown to do.  Even so I still hear this, “I get that I’m inflamed, and that it takes time to reduce the inflammation causing my pain…..but I hurt right now! what can I take right now for my pain?

May have tried topical analgesics and over the counter pain medications however we have something much better.  This is an herbal analgesic with a 35-45 minute onset for musculo-skeletal, nerve induced and smooth muscle (cramping) pain, and any other type of acute pain you may be experiencing.  It works on about the same level of pain relief as two or three Tylenol or 500mg ibuprofen, with ZERO side effects and contraindications.

Now if you would like more of the technical aspect of how it works.  It contains California poppy, Jamaican Dogwood and Corydalis. California poppy is a relative of the opium poppy and on a much milder level (1-3% the strength of hydrocodone) and works the same way. Opiates attach to opioid receptors, primarily in the brain, spinal cord and intestinal tract, and block pain signaling to the brain. This is not a complete and total blockage that masks 100% of the pain, even with strong opiates. The California Poppy works in a similar fashion, but very mildly, without euphoria, addictive properties or constipation. Corydalis, or Chinese Poppy, works in a similar way, but acts on dopamine receptors, not opioid. This also calms pain signaling, and promotes a relaxed state. Jamaican Dogwood is anti-inflammatory which slows nerve-based pain signaling, particularly in smooth muscle tissue like uterine or intestinal walls. It will address both pain and anxiety. Great for night time pain and menstrual cramping as well.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain this could help so please pass it along.

To Your Health, Dr. Shapero


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